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I was born in Argentina, but was raised in Brazil, so when I was a little girl, there were two languages coexisting in my childhood home, Spanish and Portuguese, and through these languages I was interconnected with cultures and references that pertained only to each one of these languages. I realized at an early age that listening and reading to our language gives us a sensation of calm and closeness. I understand the importance of seeing, listening to and reading a story that you can relate to and it’s crucial that nothing interferes with it.

Recently, I have been selected as an EGA Fellow (Entertainment Globalization Association) and have had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of the industry worldwide. Being able to be in contact with different people holding a variety of positions in the industry has helped me to dig deeper in the localization production chain worldwide. As a result, I have a solid understanding and a constant curiosity about both ends of the production.

I was also nominated by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences for the Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Dubbing - TV, Film or Video Games - Best Voiceover - Portuguese Language, which has been a great honor.

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