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I entered the voice over industry through my background in acting; I hold a BA in Drama and a specialization in Dubbing. As a voice actor, I work across several genres, such as dubbing, e-learning, games, narration, and animation, among others.


My voice sounds: young, warm, natural, friendly, clear, conversational, energetic, and confident. 

I’m always trying to look for the best solutions and I’m easy to direct.

dubbing production


Dubbing, for many reasons, generates identity and identification, besides building vocabulary in children. That is why it is a great responsibility to localize contents and retell stories being respectful to the nuances of the original performance, delivering dialogues with the same wide range of emotions and being faithful to the original artistic choices while adapting some dialogues and references to make the best “Brazilian version” or “Latin American version” possible.  

In all these years I have dubbed several characters, translated and adapted numerous scripts, directed dubbing and castings, performed quality control, coordinated and project managed a huge amount of minutes and also have been an audio engineer. This background and expertise allows me to try incessantly to push the limits of the constant battle between accuracy, synchronicity, meaning and adaptation.

dubbing quality control
At the Studio


A dubbed version needs to provide an immersive experience without interferences of any kind, whether it be the adaption, the translation, the performance or the mixing. The huge consumption of localized content nowadays is clear if we pay attention to the growing number of new platforms, channels and media available. Even though this offer is constantly developing, it does not seem to exhaust. Technology has diversified and is next to us 24/7 no matter where we are, carrying stories instantly across cultures. 

That means that the speed of the dubbing process has changed and also the technologies being used to do it – cloud dubbing and synthetic voices, for example. So, more than ever, a precise and holistic control of the dubbed version is required to meet viewers’ expectations. I’ve specialized in performing a deep, thorough and as faithful as possible quality control by evaluating the most important aspects of the dubbed version, always comparing it to the original source and having in mind the target audience.

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